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SCIP Public Open Day June.10, 2010

    On June 5th World Environment Day, SCIPAC, AICM together with Bayer, Evonik industries, Vopak, Shanghai Tianyuan Chlor-Akali company held a grand event of 2010 SCIP Public Day. SCIP nearby town, community, school, AICM member companies and media altogether 180 people joined in the event in the theme of better chemicals, better life. In the morning, participants looked around the exhibition jointly organized by Bayer, Evonik Industries, Vopak, Shanghai Tianyuan, DSM, Dupont, Laxass, PPG to learn about the safety operation philosophy of AICM, SCIP and chemical companies and achievements of responsible care in sustainable development. In the afternoon, participants visited the plant sites of Bayer, Evonik Industries, Vopak and Shanghai Tianyuan Huasheng to experience the practices of responsible care philosophy and its effects. Finally, the event was wrapped up by a face to face dialogue.

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