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Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Administration Committee

SCIPAC is the organization authorized by Shanghai Municipality,taking responsibility for the comprehensive administration of SCIP.

SCIPAC has been setup on Nov. 23, 2001.Procedures of Shanghai Municipality on Administration of Chemical Industry Area has been issued by Shanghai Municipal People's Government and has been carried on Feb. 1, 2002.


Main Duty of SCIPAC:

?? Be in charge of drawing up and revising the development planning, plan and industrial policies of SCIP.
?? Be in charge of the examination and approval of investment items and use og land, and the administration of construction projects.
?? Coordinate the routine administration of the enterprises in the SCIP by the Customs, the administrative departments of commodity inspection and quarantine, the People's Bank of China Shanghai Branch, and the administrative department of foreign affairs.
?? Provide necessary guidance and service to enterprises in the SCIP.
?? Accomplish other tasks given by the Municipal People's Government.

Main Duty of Comprehensive Affairs Office;

?? Be in charge of institution secretarial work, documents and confidentials, information, logistics and manage institution funds and asset;
?? Be in charge of management of institution leaders,reginal Party affairs,supervision of discipline inspection, workout of organization;
?? Be responsible for institution foreign affairs, news and propaganda,organization of meetings and letter handling and reception;
?? Manage policies on labor and human resources within SCIP, mediation of labor disputes,re-evaluation of administration,safe production etc;
?? Study the policies ,draft and audit the regulations and rules and propagandize the laws and regulations;
?? Be responsible for the daily affairs of SCIP Leading Group Office.

Main Duty of Dept. of Economics & Trade

?? Handle approval of domestic or foreign-funded projects and issuance of certifications??
?? Arrange inviting foreign investment;
?? Define and introduce investment policies;
?? Provide services for investors in SCIP;
?? Collect the statistics of import&export,formulate relevant policies,and implement the measures coordinating export;
?? Co-ordinate major issues relevant to major projects.

Main Duty of Dept. of Planning & Construction

?? optimze the planning of SCIP;
?? Manage and approve projects construction in SCIP;
?? Manage land use of enterprises and institutions in SCIP;
?? Assess the environment influence of projects in SCIP and protect reginal environment;
?? Manage the bidding for construction in SCIP and documents classification of city development;
?? Supervise and inspect municipal infrastructure and hygiene in SCIP.

Main Duty of Dept. of Planning & Finance

?? Plan and manage financial funds in SCIP;
?? Manage the investment plan of fixed assets within SCIP;
?? Register the establishment of enterprises;
?? Analize all kinds all statistics;
?? Audit and manage the refund of increment of tax;
?? Supervisen of state-owned assets in SCIP;
?? Audit all capital expenditure of SCIPAC.


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