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Shanghai, also a major talent exchanging center in China, boasts of a mature human resource market and a compltet regulation system of talent circulation which pool a great number of national and returned talents every year. In Shanghai, there are a total of 1,410,000 professional technicians, 210,000 professionals engaged in scientific and technical activities and 107 academicians of China Academy of Science and China Academy of Engineering. Shanghai owns a compltet educational system consisting of basic education, occupational skill education, highter education and adult education. The 57 full-time colleges and universities here are internationally advanced in over 40 important subjects. There are also 37 adult universities, 24 higher vocational schools and 223 secondary vocational schools. The institutions of higher learning and the higher vocational schools in Shanghai have and annual admission of 120,300 students on 4-year-long and 3-year-long course programs and 10,100 postgraduates. In 2003, the adult universities and collages admitted a total of 109,200 students on 4-year-long and 3-year long course programs, and recorded up to 220,000 in-school students.

East China University of Science and Technology

With various majors such as organic chemistry,inorganic chemistry,analysis chemistry, physical chemistry and application chemistry available for nation wide students recruitment, the school can provide bachelors, masters and doctors.

ECUST Sino-German College of Technology

As a sino-foreign joint school of ECUST and located in the Jinshan Campus, Sino-German College of Technology is a comprehensive college of engineering, Lubeck University of Applied Sciences being the German partner of the colleges.

Shanghai Petrochemical Academy

The school has trained 20,000 technical manpower (including operators, mechanics, maintenance electricians, lab assistants, IT talents) for SPC, Shanghai Coking etc. Meanwhile, it has signed a long term contract with Bayer for the establishment of Bayer training base.

Shanghai Talent Exchange Center

The center provides technical talents throughout the country from weekly HR exchange market.

SCIP Talent Service Center

The institution supplies different kinds of chemical talents by online recruitment upon customers'request.

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