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  Flow chart of examination & approval procedures
1??In the flow chart of examination and approval procedures for capital constructions, the work involving the government is shown in the rectangle frames, and that of construction unit is shown in the elliptic frames.
2??The arrow direction in the flow chart only represents the sequence in the examination and approval process and does not represent the item before the arrow as a necessary condition of the item after the arrow. The material needed in each item shall take the content listed in the corresponding notification as the standards.

1??Whether the pre-evaluation of safety and sanitatin is carried out should be determined by related authorities according to the relevant stipulations of the Decree (1998) No. 10 of the Ministry of Labor,Procedures on Administration of Pre-evaluation of Labor Safety and Sanitation of Construction Project(Engineering).
2??The processing time limit for examination and verification of bidding documents and of bid-evaluation measures is within two workdays;other examination and verification should be conducted immediately.
3??The evaluation and comment on preliminary design shall be dealt with in different ways according to the examination and approval grade of a project;1)Important projects shall be evaluated by experts organized by an engineering project consulting company with appropriate qualification, which is designated by the Planning & Construction Department, SCIP Adminstration Committee. The department shall make a reply within 10 workdays since receiving the evaluation opinion of the consulting company and experts.2) General projects shall be evaluated by experts organized by the Planning & Construction Department and a reply shall be made within 10 workdays.3)Simple projects shall have the reply of the Planning & Construction Department within 5 workdays.
4??In the whole process of bidding for construction work, the following time is neccessary:
????The proclamation of bidding notice shall be no less than 5 workdays.
????The open application shall be no less than one day
????The time period from sending out bidding documents to opening bids shall be no less than 20 workdays.

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