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  Reference Figures for Cost of Investment

Industrial and commercial registration fee
At the ratio of 0.1% of the total registered capital
(0.05% in case of registered capital being in excess of RMB10,000,000Yuan)
Registered capital certification fee RMB6,000 Yuan for RMB1,000,000 Yuan registered capital(Not higher than 0.01% of the aggregate investment )
Commodity inspection fee
(including customs clearance fee)
At the ratio of 0.5% of the total value of cargos
Stamp tax 0.005%~0.1% of the contract price
Deed tax 3%~5% of the contract price (The contract tax ratio is 3% currently in Shanghai Municipality)
Notarization fee 0.01%-0.3%
Registration fee 0.1%-0.05%
ISDN-RMB35/monthly rental RMB0.11 /minute
  ADSL-RMB2500 /month
??For the cost of public utilities, the investors may individually negotiate with respective utilities companies and sign the agreement with them for the supply of utilities.
  Cost of Labor??
Monthly wage of the operators   RMB1000~1500
The average lowest wage in Shanghai   RMB535
Payment rate of old age insurance   25.5%
Payment rate of medical insurance   12%
Payment rate of layoff fund   2%
Payment rate of housing allowance fund   7%
Upper limit of employees' monthly payment of the above four funds in 2002
  RMB 4440 Yuan
Lower limit of employees' monthly payment of the above "four funds" in 2002   RMB 888 Yuan
  Calculation Formula for Individual Income Tax:
Tax payment = (total income - legal exemption items - regulatory deductions)*tax rate - fast deductible amounts
Where: Legal exemption items normally refer to the "four funds" and the regulatory deductions to be 1,000 RMB Yuan in Shanghai Municipality.
Level Tax Payment (RMB Yuan) Tax Rate Fast deductible amounts (RMB Yuan)
Level 1 less than 500 5% 0
Level 2 500-2000 10% 25
Level 3 2000-5000 15% 125
Level 4 5000-20000 20% 375
Level 5 20000-40000 25% 1375
Level 6 40000-60000 30% 3375
Level 7 60000-80000 35% 6375
Level 8 80000-100000 40% 10375
Level 9 more than 100000 45% 15375

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