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  SCIP Administration Center  
  SCIP Tower with the total building area of 23676 M2 whose construction bagan in July.2001, has been completed and put into use in May.2003. By then, SCIPAC will provide investors within SCIP with "one-stop" governmental services including customs, inspection&quarantine,industry&commerce, taxation,administration of foreign exchange etc). Meanwhile, full-scaled services with secruity supervision, calamity protection,environment monitoring ,banking, e-commerce platform, health care,first aid,insurance, exhibition and logistics will also be provided.

Headquarters:18F No.201 Mu Hua Road,Shanghai Zip:201507
Tel:86-21-67120000 Fax:86-21-67122222
Representative office:No.10 Lane 18 Gao An Road,Shanghai Zip:200030
Tel:86-21-64713298 Fax:86-21-64713301
Web:www.scip.com.cn E-mail:business@scip.com.cn