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  Shanghai Hua Lin Industrial Gases
  Shanghai Hualin Industrial Gases Co., Ltd, founded on September 13, 2004, is located at No.82 Muhua Road Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, next to the complex of Bayer Integrated Site Shanghai (BISS). Hualin is a half-to-half joint venture invested by Shanghai Coking & Chemical Corporation??or SCCC - a subsidiary company of Shanghai Huayi Group??and the Linde Gas (Hongkong). The total registered capital is over USD$ 40 millions. At present, Caojing I-II projects, for which total investment is above USD$ 110 millions, have been completed and put in commercial operation.
Caojing I plant has a syngas separation and purification unit (SGSU1), which has been put in production since May 2006. The feed gas to this unit is the syngas from SCCC through a special pipeline. Its production capacity is 6,000 Nm3/h of CO and 4,770 Nm3/h of H2.
To fulfill the increment of the customer demand, Hualin implemented the expansion project-Caojing II, which includes the first steam methane reformer (SMR-1) and the second syngas separation and purification unit (SGSU2). The new plants have been all put in production since Aug. 2008. The feedstock for SGSU-2 is still from SCCC. SMR-1 is, with H2 and byproduct steam as products, designed to use LPG and Natural Gas separately or their mixture as feedstock.
Caojing I-II projects adopted the core technology and advanced equipment of the Linde Group to ensure they are world-class reliable facilities. The comprehensive production capacity of Hualin is 13,000 Nm3/h of CO and 30,000 Nm3/h of H2 at present. All the products from Caojng I-II plants are sold to neighboring BISS through dedicated pipelines.

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