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  Jetty and Tank Farm

Jetty and Tank Farm is invested by JV of SCIPDC,SCIPIC and VOPAK from Holland with the investment of US$ 210 million (home and abroad contribution ratio 50%:50%).

Engineering Scale:
3 berths of 1000-7500-dwt
1 berth of 1000-12000-dwt
2 berths of 5000-25000-dwt
48 tanks
7 tank pits
storage capacity: 290,000m3(gross)
drum filling lines: 11

  SCIP Jetty Control Centre
  To ensure the safe and harmonious operation of 3 jetties, SCIP Jetty Control Center is to be set up for the global coordination of all jetty's business.
Optimize the commercial environment of the jetties, and promote the establishment of the off-shore public rescue system.

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